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Dogs Name:

Morris Bertram



Foster State:




Physical Desc:

Fawn with black mask, white on chest, small white wishbone on face, natural ears and tail


Approx. 2 years Old

Brief Description:

Sweet, friendly with people and other dogs

Special Needs:




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03/21/11: MORRIS IS ADOPTED !!!!!!

05/13/10: Morris Is Wonderful and Has So Much Potential

A shelter volunteer sent an email to several rescue organizations asking for assistance with a sweet boxer boy we have named Morris Bertram.  The Shelter was at capacity and the boxer was showing signs of stress.  Sadly, we had no available foster homes.  We wanted to make sure he would be safe, but we waited a couple days before we contacted the shelter.  Our hope was that one of the other rescue organizations would come forward to save this boxer, however, we were told that NBR was the only rescue that responded to their plea.  Morris was still sitting in a cage hoping to get out, and we knew we had to help him.  Luckily a new foster home came forward and drove to the shelter to pick Morris up after they heard he was in need.

Morris is neutered, weighs 63 pounds, and his vaccinations are up to date.  We were told he was friendly, although he played hard with other dogs and was very energetic; normal characteristics of the boxer breed. They said he also loves to play ball and enjoys going for walks.  Morris came into the shelter as a stray, and they estimated that he is four years old.  We feel he is closer to 2 years old.

We are so fortunate to have this wonderful boxer in our rescue program.  He has proven himself to be quite exceptional.

Here is the most recent update from his foster dad:

“Morris is doing great.  I think he's much younger than the animal shelter believed.  I left him for two hours yesterday on two different occasions and he was a perfect gentleman.  This morning, he was alone for 2 hours, though, and got into some mischief.  He chewed some candles and somehow pried open a plastic jar of veggie powder supplement, but all is good.  He is very friendly and loving.  He insisted on sleeping in my bed for much of the night last night, though the previous night, he was perfectly happy on the dog bed I bought him.

I've noticed a light abrasion under his arm so I put some Neosporin on it.  Not sure what it is.  He is also licking himself a lot.  This could be normal, but it seems excessive.  Since he is well mannered and friendly to everyone, I think he is settled in enough to take him to the Vet.  He appears healthy but we need to make sure all is well.

Here are 4 pics of Morris Bertram.  The first photo is when he was driving home from the shelter yesterday. The second photo is Morris at home, and the last two photos are from today walking in town

Morris is great.  A very happy guy.”


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